Pat Condell on atheism and political correctness

Gus1/01/2012 6:47:27 pm PST

re: #16 Sergey Romanov

Also, Nazis were anything but pro-equality. Fascists were anything but pro-diversity. I’m not even against usage of these terms in modern context, I’m not anti-godwin. But this is an intentional misuse of these terms.

We keep hearing over again from these folk on the right that this is a Christian nation. What they are saying it that the USA has only one official religion and that’s Christianity. We have to of course overlook a big factor in the various sects that make up Christianity. However, we can just see it as one.

Where and when was it decided by our founding fathers or in documents that there is an official religion or a state religion and that being Christianity. The only thing the can point to is either tradition or the majority religion or the Declaration of Independence. However, the DoI only mentions God and not Christianity.