The Perfect VP for Romney: Tim Pawlenty, Friendly Creationist Loon

jaunte7/16/2012 6:41:12 pm PDT

re: #13 freetoken

That article also mentions Christie, who flubbed the question:

At another recent press conference, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, dream candidate for many conservatives, fielded a question about whether he believes in evolution. He responded indignantly — “That’s none of your business!” — as if someone had inquired about his intimate relations with Mrs. Christie.

He tried to clarify, saying that “evolution is required teaching. If there’s a certain school district that also wants to teach creationism, that’s not something we should decide in Trenton.”

The problem is that the Supreme Court has declared (Edwards v. Aguillard) that teaching creationism in public school runs afoul of the First Amendment’s establishment clause. So Christie failed to avoid the trap even while refusing to answer.