Haifa Court Rules Against Rachel Corrie

lawhawk8/28/2012 7:21:45 am PDT

Israel stands accused of lots of things.

Existing for one.

Hamas calls for Israel’s extermination. Echoing the same calls by Iran, Hizbullah, and other Islamic terror groups. Palestinians routinely claim that Israel’s existence is a naqba - a disaster for them, ignoring that Palestinians have had multiple chances to make peace with Israel but haven’t even had the courtesy of a counter proposal and that Israel’s statehood could have been accompanied by a Palestinian state had their fellow Arabs not thwarted that effort and kept them in a state of misery ever since (refusing to grant Palestinians citizenship in countries where they sought refuge - including Transjordan, which was carved away from Palestine and which captured the West Bank for its own until Israel wrested control in 1967.

Israel has every right to defend itself against terrorists, who operate from within civilian areas. Israel takes great pains to prevent the loss of life to civilians on both sides.

The same can’t be said of Hamas or the other terror groups - PRCs, Islamic Jihad, etc. Those terror groups purposefully put their terror operations (tunnels, weapons/bomb factories, kassam launchers, in civilian areas so as to maximize the casualties.

If civilians die in Gaza as a result of Israel defending itself, the fault resides with those terrorists who openly flaunt international law and human rights.

But for the terrorists operating in such a manner, Israel would not have to carry out military operations against those terror groups. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and left it to its own devices. Instead of using the opportunity to create a vibrant state, the Palestinians destroyed those chances by turning Gaza into a terror state - launching thousands of kassams, mortars, and grad rockets against Israel - and continue doing so to this day. Israel’s restraint in going after those responsible for those attacks has been amazing. No other country in the world would endure rockets on a near daily basis without carrying out massive attacks against those responsible.

If only you were as serious about enforcing human rights against the Palestinians as you are about Israel.