A Duo From Outer Space: DOMi & JD Beck, "Bathroom"

Joe Bacon 🌹2/13/2020 6:27:33 am PST

re: #165 PrairieQueen

Funny, how all the ones ousted or who’ve lost their protected status suddenly find religion in truth after previously enjoying their stint as one of Trump’s errand boys. They happily go through the motions and do all that damage, but only develop any smidgen of a conscience when they are on the receiving end of a fucking. Their narratives read like Brownshirts that were only following orders. Fuck ‘em.

Who else remembers Watergate where most of the crooks got book and even TV movie deals and they made a mint from it? Every last one of them should have been slapped with liens and the media companies should have been fined. But since that didn’t happen, Republicans learned that they could get away with it and get a nice hefty Swiss bank account out of the deal.

If I had my way Kelly and his fellow stooges would have been jailed for their crimes. But we now live in a country where Republicans are above the law. And they can murder people in detention centers while the corrupted press gives them a pass.