Van Jones: I Am Not a Truther

Charles Johnson9/03/2009 7:08:27 pm PDT

re: #161 Jim in Virginia

Can we invoke the 24 hour rule? Van Jones says he doesn’t know how his name got on the list. The truthers (and Beck, Fox, the Times, etc) will either find further evidence that he supported them , or Van Jones will issue a more detailed denial.
In 2004, the 9-11 MIHOP / LIHOP (made it or let it happen) theory was very strong in monbat circles. Check DU back then. That doesn’t prove Jones signed the petition, but it would not surprise me if he had.

I’ve been searching all day for confirmation that Jones is a Truther. If it was true, I was ready to join in the calls for him to resign.

I turned up NOTHING. I found absolutely NO evidence that he’s ever said anything to anyone that supports 9/11 Trutherism.

The accusation is completely bogus.