Tech Note: The Retweet Button

iceweasel11/01/2009 5:21:26 pm PST

re: #145 Rightwingconspirator

Back to Twitter-
Could a fan tell me what twitter will do for my web/communication experience?
Frankly I have not been impressed by the concept. Linking in why…

As I watched this unfold, I likened Twitter to a bad game of telephone. As far as I could tell, there was no sourced Web site or story. It was simply someone saying it on Twitter as millions mourned the death of Fawcett and the apparent death of the world’s most famous pop idol. Celebs were seemingly dropping like flies (Ed McMahon had died only days earlier), and I assume a handful of pranksters thought it would be fun to chime in on Twitter with some “what ifs.”

There’s the general social networking aspect of twitter, which is what that person is talking about, and for that I find it utterly useless. Worse than useless.

The more directed uses of it are to follow specific issues and specific blogs. If you’re a blogger, it can be awesome, both as a way to spread your content, and to network with other bloggers. Alternatively, say you’re interested in tracking a specific topic— you’d subscribe to the people and places writing about that. Finally, you can use it for work— tracking trends and following breaking info you need.

So it’s highly useful for those things. It’s most useful for people involved with some aspect of the media, I think. For most people, subscribing to RSS feeds and checking those once or twice a day via a reader suffices. It depends on how plugged in you need to be.
This is my take anyway.