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Mad Prophet Ludwig9/08/2010 2:37:45 pm PDT

re: #159 windsagio

Guess I’m just not trained for racial pride :p

Damn leftist universities!!!

Yeah leftists are funny that way, anyone whom they consider oppressed having pride in their people is OK, but if an Irish person or a Jew does it - despite some pretty painful history of their own - that somehow becomes just obscene.

The simple fact is, and this is the biggest flaw of moonbats on racial issues, is that it is impossible to really respect someone else’s culture and heritage, unless you respect your own.

The biggest flaw of wingnuts is that they are frightened of other cultures, and since they feel inferior and beset upon, hate others.

Neither comes from a healthy place.

Someone who is secure in themselves can look on the accomplishments and attractive features of others without jealousy or a feeling of exclusion. Someone who is just a whiny weenie, on the other hand feels excluded and shamed. The moonbat makes some speech “about aren’t we all human?”

Well yes, duh, and part of being human is being happy for your fellows and having a love of your own family.

The wingnut goes on about “white pride.” Unfortunately, the things that white people have done to be proudest of, include developing a standard of art, literature and technology that need not feel inferior to anyone, are the typical wingnut can not comprehend or feel any connection to.

And Jews, don’t count as white to wingnuts.

And Jews don’t count as oppressed to moonbats.

So both sides hate it when we are proud of little things, like being the mother civilization, along with Greece, to the West, developing modern physics, modern mathematics, more technology that you rely on everyday than you could list, more medical advances than you could list and a little thing like the humane moral code that underpins all Western civilization - ohhh, and amazingly beautiful women.