Andy Timmons Shows How It's Done: "On Your Way Sweet Soul"

Quoth the raven, Covfefe.2/03/2019 9:31:16 am PST

re: #181 William Lewis

Back from Church. I wouldn’t normally inflict something like this on you but today was the feast day for the Four Chaplins of the SS Dorchester, sunk by the U-223 on Feb 3, 1943. After handing our life jackets till none were left in the lockers, they then gave away their lifejackets, linked arms and went down with the ship singing hymns. A Methodist, a Dutch Reformed, a Catholic & a Jewish Chaplin almost sounds like the set up of a joke, I know. Still they did what the could to help the 904 on board. Only 230 were pulled alive from the water.

Wow. That’s a really moving story.