In Which Donald Trump Blatantly Lies About an Interview With Ukraine's President

Barefoot Grin12/02/2019 4:19:57 pm PST

OT, but. All summer walking the dog through black flies, mosquitos, ticks, and her endless need to sniff every damn twig I longed for the first frost and snow that would cover the twigs. Today after 8” of snow I remembered why this is the season of pain. Walking the excited dog in the dark over just-plowed roads that are slick; a dog with a nose that sees through the snow to the smells below (so now I can’t see what she’s trying to eat); shoveling out two cars knowing that a second storm is approaching.

Last year I fell several times on walks as the dog pulled too hard. So my wife bought strap-on cleats at Ocean State Job Lots. Not only did the dog pull by down once on an icy spot, I had lost half the cleats by the time we got back. Better to spend $20 on quality than $5 at Ocean City, of course.

So I got a good pair and will try them out tonight on our last walk of the day. I’m looking forward to many fewer falls. I’m working on better walking habits for her, too. Nothing I can do about her scent drive, though.