This Is Songwriting: James Taylor, "Enough to Be on Your Way"

FFL (GOP Delenda Est)2/06/2020 6:00:17 am PST

re: #131 Citizen K

…oh good, now Berners are pushing the idea that ‘Establishment Dems’ pushed impeachment in order to goose Trump’s numbers when the acquittal eventually came, because they secretly just LOOOOOOVE Trump to death. They really honest to fucking god thing the Dem party is the real enemy.

I can’t even deal with this shit anymore.

I can only hope that the DNC wises up and both gets rid of caucuses and non-Democrats running in the Democratic primaries. Sanders has been a negative for the party twice now, and given what is needed to fight the GOP I doubt they can continue to just let this stuff slide. It might lose votes to fringe 3rd party candidates, but they also don’t need to give the resources and exposure to the fringe either since it appears to have the same extortion effect; e.g. “Our candidate or we stay home!”.