How Do You Say 'Liar' in German?

vitoc4/25/2009 3:17:27 pm PDT

More on Beisicht:

Key points: Defended as an attorney not only Axel Reitz (as has already been mentioned here), but further militant neo-nazis. Including this fellow:
Image: christian_malcoci.jpg
no separate wikipedia entry for him, but mentioned here as a member of “Komitee zur Vorbereitung der Feierlichkeiten zum 100. Geburtstag Adolf Hitlers” (KAH) - committee for the preparation of the festitivities for the 100th birthday of Adolf Hitler… Ugh.

Beisicht was co-founder of the “Deutsche Liga fr Volk und Heimat” (DLVH)

Quite interested in international activities - took part in meeting of these people:

I have no doubt that through this connection they got the contacts to right wing extremists from other European countries. Italian participant in this group was no other than Alessandra Mussolini. Yes, she is the granddaughter of *this* guy.