Richie Kotzen: "Raise the Cain"

A hollow voice says,1st round on points. Onward!9/27/2020 9:49:06 am PDT

re: #81 A Mom Anon

OFFS. I can’t link it from my phone but there is a godawful op ed on Politico right now titled: Amy Coney Barrett: a new feminist icon.

See kids, abortion is bad because it lets men off the hook. But if we look at Barrett’s stance, why it makes men take responsibility in coparenting. The author also says the Barretts have worked together to raise their kids despite having busy careers and right now her husband is doing most of the home stuff so she can move her career forward. No mention of nannies and sitters and housekeepers and the fucking money needed to afford them. They did mention the aunt who provided free child care for a decade.Yeah, she’s a feminist as much as Melania Trump is.

I can no longer even with this bullshit.

Curiously, Elizabeth Warren had an aunt who came to help her with childcare and stayed for 16 years. What she learned from that is that people who don’t have an Aunt Bee (sp?) need help.