How Do You Say 'Liar' in German?

Gus4/25/2009 3:20:24 pm PDT

That the image was doctored is irrelevant. However, it comes as no surprise that the neo-Nazis and their sympathizers such as Robert Spencer are making an issue of it.

I had seen the same image prior to it being posted at LGF with the same background. This was posted at the website sometimes around 2008. When I first saw the image I was curious to the banner and the location but gave it no thought. The point of the image is the subject of Beisicht and DeWinter. That these two are involved in demonstrations in which goons are in the audience is a fact that remain regardless of the doctored image.

The neo-Nazi connections to pro-Koeln remain and his been further enhanced by German posters to this website. That Markus Beishicht was the attorney for the defense of the neo-Nazi Axel Reitz is also a fact that remains on the record.

During this time Robert Spencer has refused to acknowledge these connections. The only conclusion I can make is the is aware of them but presses forward because he is sympathetic to their cause of bigotry.

In the mean time Robert Spencer has picked up new allies in this cause including the bigoted websites Brussels Journal and the German site, Politically Incorrect. He has also picked up the support of the controversial blogger Robert Stacy McCain. He has embraced these new alliances which in itself further exposes Robert Spencer’s true ideology which has found an audience with the European neo-Nazi political base.