Iran Cancels Gaza Flotilla, US State Dept. Denounces Blockade Runners

darthstar6/24/2010 4:09:03 pm PDT

re: #180 Bagua

And there are hundreds of similar comics in the Arab media every-time Israel defends itself. Sometimes the hands are dripping with blood, or in this one a sword, in others the Jews have actual fangs and are drinking blood. The allegation is always lusting for blood, one way or another. When used against Israel or Jews it plays into this historic reality, again, whether you realise or not.

And there are hundreds of comics depicting Arabs as suicide bombers. I don’t see how they’re all that different from each other? Or is it okay only to mock the other side? Who was that dude with the Birkenstocks who talked about not sinning and first stones and shit? Whether you realize it or not.