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Jay C6/22/2019 11:17:15 am PDT

re: #138 dog philosopher ஐஒஔ௸

why every democratic officeholder is not screaming bloody murder about these detention center crimes is beyond me

To me the answer is (disgustingly, disgracefully and disturbingly) quite simple:


As long as the victims of these brutalities aren’t real “citizens”, and can be blanket-categorized as “illegal aliens”, there is an unfortunately large bloc of the citizenry who are either going to applaud the brutality/ill-treatment, or, at best, shrug. And so far, not enough of a bloc of people offended by it to make a political difference.

And yes, one can argue (correctly, but irrelevantly) that asylum-seekers aren’t “illegals” per se, and it’s not going to make one bit of difference. To the Administration (and the bigots who support them) such distinctions are meaningless. All they see are hordes of impoverished brown foreigners trying to get into “our” country, for nefarious reasons. Dissuading them by tossing them into concentration camps is just fine - and just more reason to applaud Trump and his gang for actually “doing something about them illegals”….