WATCH LIVE: President Racist Crybaby Attempts a News Conference

KGxvi7/14/2020 4:03:51 pm PDT
“I think properly understood, those concepts are complementary, and they’re not antagonistic. So I am a conservative, an unabashed conservative. I’m also a populist. I am deeply a populist,” Cruz began. “And I also have deep libertarian principles. Look, if you’re protecting liberty, that is the foundation of our country. That is the foundation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. When it comes to populism, I think the most fundamental and important shifts in the last decade in politics is that Republicans have become the party of the working class.”

Jesus fucking Christ… just no. Absofuckinglutely fucking no.

Populism isn’t about protecting liberty it is about blaming others. It doesn’t give a shit about personal responsibility (which any serious - I know, I know - form of libertarianism requires), because every problem is somebody else’s fault for a populist.