FBI Investigates 'Suspicious Incident' in Virginia

RogueOne3/24/2010 1:07:16 pm PDT

re: #180 Obdicut

…..Right now, the ‘right’ is behaving worse. After the 2004 election, the left was definitely acting ‘worse’. However, the current climate, by any measure— as the ADL, the SPLC, and the justice department can tell us— is more volatile, and worse. And the amount of support from the GOP representatives and leadership is feeding the problem.

That first part I’ll give you, you’re right that currently the right is behaving worse. It’s always the side out of power that acts like assholes. What I won’t give you is when you toss in the SPLC. To me their about as reputable as the NRA and I don’t take either of those groups at their word. They’re lobbying groups out to gin up as much fear and concern as they can to keep the money flowing.