Haifa Court Rules Against Rachel Corrie

lawhawk8/29/2012 6:38:04 am PDT

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And basing your entire view of Iran’s nuclear intentions on the language of Israeli Minister Barak? There’s a wide range of views on Iran and its nuclear program, let alone whether Israel should unilaterally carry out attacks against Iran to stop its nuclear program. Even those opposed to an Israeli unilateral strike note that Iran is developing the nuclear weapons capabilities.

PM Netenyahu says Iran’s developing the capabilities. Iran’s shown a willingness to work on long range missiles capable of hitting Israel (as well as every other Arab capital through the Middle East). Other countries, including Saudi Arabia are concerned about Iran’s nuclear program because it threatens them as much as it does Israel. In fact, Saudi Arabia had announced that they’d obtain nuclear weapons from Pakistan should Iran declare itself to have obtained nuclear weapons to deter Iran. That’s rather telling - the Saudis aren’t concerned about Israel’s nuclear capabilities but Iran.