Seth Meyers: Trump Freaks Out in Argentina [VIDEO]

HappyWarrior12/04/2018 6:50:21 am PST

re: #171 Jay C

Most people (here or in Britain) aren’t/weren’t. The Brexit referendum wasn’t legally binding, but a disgracefullly large segment of their political establishment decided to treat it that way in order to try to exploit the Leave sentiments (mainly greed, exploitation and racist xenophobia, IMO: dressed up in “nationalism” as an excuse) for political advantage.
And we can see how that’s worked out…

From what I was reading, it seems that Poles and other Slavic groups are the favorite punching bag of the British nationalists like Hispanics are ours. Makes it all the more fucked up for me to see people with Slavic surnames engaging in that shit here. I say that as someone who has Slavic immigrant cousins as well as ancestors. Was very relieved to see one of my cousins I met this summer in Slovakia can’t stand Trump. He posted the story about how the Germans kicked out Trump’s grandfather and my response was that Germany’s gain became our loss, he agreed.