WATCH LIVE: The Trump Impeachment Hearings - Day 5 -- Hill, Holmes to Testify

Mike Lamb11/21/2019 8:16:32 am PST

re: #102 Citizen K

He definitely comes off as a sincere believer in the collegiality of the Senate, what with his history, and that’s a gigantic fucking landmine when dealing with McConnell, possibly the single most responsible person for the total shredding of comity and norms.

That said…

Essentially this. If Biden is the nom, I will vote for him without hesitation, because Trump absolutely needs to go, any Trump replacement (however unlikely) needs to go, and Dems need some modicum of control back in Washington.

I just fear he will play an even softer hand against the GOP than Obama did initially and find himself even more stonewalled by GOP intransigence than ever. A holding pattern is better than shit actively getting worse, but that’s not comforting to think of when the usual time limit the American electorate gives the Dems to fix GOP fuck-ups looms.

One thing about Biden—I think he has a pretty deep bench to draw from in terms of creating a cabinet. He might have a bit of an advantage there over some of the other candidates. I still much prefer Warren, but if Biden put together an all-star cabinet, and empowered them to implement their vision, we can make a lot of progress. Some big “ifs”, I know.