Preacher Rick Scarborough Rants Against Bart Simpson, Evolution, and Rachel Maddow

goddamnedfrank4/24/2012 8:19:29 pm PDT

re: #164 Dark_Falcon

It may well not be a good idea, but the fact is that if DoS wants to improve its image domestically, then it needs to appear more resolute.

It’s a horrible, godawful, completely backwards ass idea. The last thing State should be caring about is what domestic yokels unrelated to its mission and who clearly don’t understand what’s its mission even is think of it. Let’s say you get your wish and foreign trade relations become incredibly antagonistic, triggering a tariff war that further damages the economy. I guess I’m to believe that the reward will be millions of atavistic douche bags saying, “gee, State sure fucked shit up royally but at least they don’t look like such pussies anymore.”