New From Seth Meyers: Trump's Deranged Post-Impeachment Press Conference [VIDEO]

Dr Lizardo2/07/2020 8:16:20 am PST

re: #182 LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)

Yeah definitely need to learn more about him. I think he’s the first General Secretary to have been born after Mao took over. That’s important to note just like it was that Gorbachev was born after the Bolshevik Revolution. It’s easy to go “Oh he’s a communist.” Look at what he’s lived and you can understand a little of his worldview.

You can read his book, “The Governance of China” as a .pdf - I won’t link it here, but just Google Governance of China pdf and it’ll come up on a site called bannedthought dot net. It’s the first result that comes up.