Mark Knopfler - Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero (17th Oct 2020)

The Pie Overlord!10/26/2020 9:35:32 am PDT

re: #186 nines09

You’re probably locked into Greene County.
Judging by the amount of Trump signs and banners here in North Central Pa it’s not in the bag. But this area has always been GOP. And dumb. Can’t buy a clue.
But think. How many times do you pick up when you do not recognize the number?
And no way of you knowing land line or cell.

I do not pick up calls that come up “Unavailable” (which are almost all the calls that come in on the landline)

I do answer calls from unfamiliar numbers that come in on my cell phone, but those usually (BUT NOT ALWAYS) turn out to be scams from “Medicare,” “Social Security,” and “Vehicle warranty.” If they are actually legit calls they will leave a voice mail.