New From Seth Meyers: Sarah Sanders Says Congress Is Not "Smart Enough" to Deal With Trump's Tax Returns

lawhawk4/16/2019 8:40:16 am PDT

Charitable giving is one area where people can question priorities (and we don’t know who actually is getting the donations in some of these cases due to lack of details).

Do better.

And what are we going to learn about Trump’s tax returns when the details are finally made public? If we stick to charitable giving, we’re going to find that Trump’s foundation is a sham (we already know NYS forced it to shut down under a court supervised action). He probably made claims he donated to the foundation, which means he was likely engaging in money laundering/sham transactions to minimize his taxes even further.

I’m also figuring that we’ll find out that Trump’s taxes were mitigated by NOLs that stretch out for 20 years (permissible under the law). That means that taking billion dollar baths as his businesses and real estate holdings crumbled could be spread out over 20 years to offset any profits in following years.

In other words, he probably has a lower effective tax rate than anyone here - and likely paid no federal income taxes over that time as a result despite having income higher than most of us here (combined?).