Amazing Acoustic Guitar Solo Jam of the Night: R.D. King, "Thrum"

Brian J.4/20/2019 10:54:04 am PDT

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CL’d perfectly:

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One of the two reasons impeachment won’t happen: the Mueller Report implicates Берни Сандерс at least as much as it does Donnie-Boy, and he’d be much easier to indict. The Democrats have been intensely protective of the junior senator from Vermont. That’s not about to stop.

That leads into reason #2: Today’s Congressional Democrats want to be a new, cool, hip left-wing, socialist (“Social Democratic” in mixed company) party. That means cutting themselves off from their prior history and rationalizing previous failures as the result of insufficient faith in their new orthodoxy. Hillary? A neoliberal who deserved to lose even if she cheated against Берни by winning more states and votes.