Pro Koln Organizer's Nazi Merchandise

Gus4/25/2009 5:20:40 pm PDT

Holy smoke. It’s just one giant collection of Nationalist, skinhead and neo-Nazi music.

Just so there’s no doubt here’s the welcome page:

Welcome to SIGNAL!

Thanks to the internet, nonconformists in Germany too have the chance to offer up-to-date news, information and opinions for anybody who wants to hear what they have to say. SIGNAL offers you the national political spectrum in Germany and lays siege to the information monopoly of the ruling elite. Every day we bring you news, reports, interviews and information which you will not find anywhere else.

A political information service costs money. We can only do our work with the support of several thousand subscribers at the least. Part of our web pages are therefore only accessible for subscribers. A subscription costs € 15,— in Germany or outside Germany € 20,—. In addition to your personal access key to our web pages you will receive the printed version of our magazine including some articles not published on the internet.

Although we takes sides we are tolerant of other sides an we do not question the right of everyone who respects the law to express his or her opinions freely. That is why you will find links to political opponents on our web pages. The World Wide Web will not be without influence in the years to come on the German political landscape. The flow of information will become faster, barriers are starting to grumble already. Patriots of all people have absolutely nothing to fear from the competition of ideas.

Manfred Rouhs, Editor of SIGNAL