Oath Keepers: Very Bad Craziness

Killgore Trout10/18/2009 2:58:11 pm PDT

re: #178 Killgore Trout

Oh noes!

You know what, Ed?

We had RonPaulians that attempted to hijack a huge Tea Party that I helped organize. They are well organized, fanatical, disruptive, divisive and they cause trouble. That’s exactly what happened to your group.

You will know them when you see them. Pre-printed tee shirts, bumper stickers with “End The Fed”. We were able to deal with the Paulians by publically asking them to leave. The crowed watched them pack up their boxes of tee shirts, their microphones, their tables, their audio speakers, their flags and their pre-printed signs. We marched them down the block and out of the party to the cheers of the true Patriots.

RonPaulians are a dangerous threat because they are not grass roots. They are also very savvy with the internet and apparently have access to information on gatherings, protests and meetings.

Key West Reader on October 18, 2009 at 5:49 PM

Little light bulbs are flickering out there.