Amazingly, Another Highly-Placed Republican Resigns After Racist Comments Surface

Justanotherhuman2/05/2015 2:32:41 pm PST

re: #185 HappyWarrior

Finally caught yesterday’s Daily Show. Jon had a great point about why Tillis and the other “get rid of burdensome regulation” types are hypocritical as hell. Jon basically pointed out that Tillis said that the free market would do its own thing if there was a sign about employees not washign their hands at said establishment but Jon said in a truly “free market without regulations” that sign wouldn’t be needed at all. So basically Senator Shithands (R), North Carolina is not only stupid and disgusting but also hypocritical. I for one think people should wash their hands if they’re dealing with food. But I guess Tillis didn’t pass pre-school.

Tillis is a world class idiot. To him, it’s perfectly fine that the “market” will inflict disease and death on people as long as the “govt” doesn’t pass regulations to make sure they don’t get sick and die.

We’ve seen how the market works without regs, and we should never, ever go back to that.