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Yeah Sure WhatEVs7/02/2018 8:11:47 am PDT

re: #175 Dr. Matt

A public service announcement about pets and fireworks:

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My Sam will get by with hugs - preferably while he is hiding under a blanket. Bo needs meds. He doesn’t want to be touched when he hears thunder. He generally hides in the bathtub, hides in a corner, crawls under the shelves in the pantry, hides in a corner (I keep beds in most places for him, including the bathtub). You cannot comfort Bo because he doesn’t want comfort. He regularly breaks through the gate to the basement and goes down there and hides. He is inconsolable. It’s so hard on him. Fireworks are equally bad. He shakes so bad that when he is doing the rounds of looking for a place to hide and comes into bed for a moment or two, the entire bed shakes.

It breaks my heart. I fear that he is going to stroke out one day. I have never seen a dog who has it as bad as Bo does. Doggie Valium helps.