Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must 'Recant'

Scion92/04/2009 10:30:00 am PST

All of the coverage over this story just seems like potshots at the Catholic Church. I have a strange feeling that if it Professor Williamson rather than “Bishop” Williamson that this would be a non-story, and even if it was that the institution that employed him would be getting praise by some journalists for their daring and bohemian open-mindedness.

Fact of the matter is, is that Christianity has a long history of antisemitism, and for the majority of history the Catholic Church was synonymous with Christianity in the Western world.

It seems very unlikely that these pseudo-clergy and outright actual clergy that are antisemites today learned it from Church doctrine but walked into the fold carrying those views from the culture around them.

No one (in the mainstream media, academia et al) wants to point the finger at themselves, their friends or their colleagues. Christians are easy targets, and in particular Catholics who are well disliked by many Protestants.

Of course you are going to wind up with antisemitic clergy in the Catholic Church. I dare say though that you are going to find a lot more antisemites coming from, I dunno, England (like Williamson), or France, or Quebec, where Jew hate is politically chic.

Where Williamson is getting criticism from journalists, politicians, and other theologians, I see suspiciously little criticism for the outright genocidal lunacy of (largely secular) protesters and pundits, whom also probably harbor no love for Catholics on top of it all.

Williamson truly deserves the scorn and criticism he gets, but I’d really prefer it come from sources that don’t make common cause with, or outright ignore their own disgusting Troofers, Holocaust deniers and revisionists of all stripes.

Williamson’s ‘sin’ in the eyes of the ones harping on him the loudest in the media isn’t that he is an antisemite, or purveyor of vile conspiracy theories. It is that he is a far-right wing theist that does these things. Like I said, if it were Professor Williamson, we probably wouldn’t even know he exists.