Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

Mad Prophet Ludwig7/07/2010 3:00:38 pm PDT

re: #178 iceweasel

Charles pretty much nailed it in 155. I think you should seriously consider that. It’s a purely objective and pragmatic point about doing your own message harm.

And in my opinion—- the same idiot haters who attack you in every single AGW thread are doing what they do deliberately. They intend to provoke you into emotional responses. They do this in order to discredit you and your message. It is patently obvious and no one is fooled by them— but it is not wise for you to assist them.
Bear in mind also that their goal is two-fold: the first is to attack and discredit you. The SECOND is to make you so angry, make your experience here so miserable, that you’ll simply quit posting, drowned out by their seething resentment and hate.

Don’t assist them.

What is interesting to me is that you and Charles and others seem to have some image that I am sitting at home fuming. I am not.

When I made that comment about crimes against humanity and that justice would be served by trying those responsible for blocking efforts on a global scale for their own greed, I was making a very simple legal statement. In much the same way that I think mass murderers should be treated, these people should be treated. They are exactly mass murderers.

It is already too late to save Bangladesh and certain Pacific Islands. It is already too late to save those who perished in the heat waves in Asia this summer.

Those people were already murdered by greed. I am making a direct, simple and calculated statement. There is already blood on these people’s hands.