Dr. Ben Carson Thinks the Earth Was Created 6000 Years Ago

lawhawk4/01/2013 7:36:46 am PDT

The dangers of the persecution complex - and how the myth of persecution of Christians continues thanks to the likes of folks like Romney and Santorum.

There is real persecution of Christians around the world, but in places like Nigeria and Egypt and other parts of the Near and Middle East where sectarian violence is frequent and always simmering below the surface (even when things are relatively tranquil. But you don’t get to be one of the world’s biggest religions claiming that you’re the persecuted. Persecution has been mythologized - and it leads down a dangerous road.

[In]… a new book by Candida Moss, a New Testament professor at the University of Notre Dame, is bringing that message to the masses.

Moss says ancient stories of church persecution have created a contemporary cult of bogus Christian martyrs. She says too many American Christians are acting like they’re members of a persecuted minority, being thrown to the lions by people who simply disagree with them.

She cited former Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Romney claimed last year that President Barack Obama was waging a “war against religion,” and Santorum said the gay community “had gone out on a jihad” against him. Other Christians invoke images of persecution when someone disagrees with them on controversial issues such as abortion or birth control, says Moss, whose “The Myth of Persecution” was recently released.

The problem with invoking persecution is it implies your opponents are evil – and no common ground can be found with evil, Moss says.

“When someone is persecuting you” she says, “there is no room for dialogue.”