The Bob Cesca Podcast: Flying Water Tankers

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)4/17/2019 2:40:59 pm PDT

re: #17 KGxvi

Goes back to something I said last night or maybe a couple nights ago: immigration just isn’t high on the list of priorities for most people (even for second and third generation immigrants). It becomes important when the economy gets bad - but when the economy goes bad opinions on everything sour. So most politicians don’t really know how to talk about it in a way that generates excitement/support.

I think Castro unfortunately is having that problem since it is understandably an important issue for him but not for a lot of Dem base voters. I also think Julian hasn’t come across charismatic or exciting enough. I saw him on Maher. I liked what he was saying but he didn’t awe me either. And that’s too bad because I liked his 2012 DNC Keynote a lot. I still think you should consider him for a possible cabinet post but I don’t think he’s got the stuff to be the nominee or VP.