Netanyahu does the POTUS a 'Solid'

_RememberTonyC3/25/2013 10:24:45 am PDT

Generally the stuff I post has quotes from the principals that can be verified through other sites. Algemeiner and Times of Israel are two blogs that seem fairly moderate to me. I don’t have the time or motivation to vet every site on the internet, but if a story features quotes from a newsmaker like Erdogan, it’s different from reading an opinion piece on the site. Erdogan’s antics are very easy to follow on any number of web sites as he is very clear in his own hatred of Israel. He has certainly done nothing to earn goodwill or “the benefit of the doubt” vis-a-vis his actions and comments towards Israel. His own country has plenty of dark chapters in its history when it comes to the original 20th century genocide (Armenians 1915) and its more recent treatment of the Kurds. And his recent comments about Zionism being a crime against humanity are despicable. Placing trust in the good intentions of such a man is naive at best. I think Netanyahu understands it. And that is why I feel his apology was something President Obama facilitated. And as a good friend, I think Bibi wanted to send the POTUS on his way home with a foreign policy “win.”