Seth Meyers Mildly Disagrees With Meghan McCain and Absolutely Enrages Her Plagiarist Husband [VIDEO]

Anymouse 🌹🎃5/08/2019 4:12:42 pm PDT

Wonkette, which regularly dunks on the Kardashians, is actually praising something Kim did.

In her prison reform idea, what was not known was she quietly funded the legal representation of seventeen non-violent drug offenders, along with funding their transition to freedom after released.

The not-for-profit organisation which she has been funding for this released that information today.

That is awesome! Good for her! I am very serious! She did a good thing, she is helping people, and she seems truly dedicated to this cause. It is certainly a better way to spend the $1 million she gets per Instagram post than anything else I can think of. When compared to what Paris Hilton is doing these days—which, I shit you not, is trying to promote her forthcoming single “My Best Friend’s Ass” —this is pretty freaking great.

Kardashian has also used her celebrity status to manipulate Donald Trump into signing The First Step Act and commuting the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, which is probably the least terrible thing he has ever done. Kardashian is not particularly fond of him (and reportedly took some time to “educate” Kanye about how terrible Trump is when he was going through his MAGA phase), but was willing to do whatever it took to free this woman. Even if it meant having to smile during a photo-op with him. (more)