Samantha Bee: The NRA Keeps Shooting Itself in the Foot [VIDEO]

Rightwingconspirator5/09/2019 7:24:22 pm PDT

So some personal stuff
After 33 years as frontman for a gold refiner and working precious metallurgist, I have been told the refinery will be closed asap. Production has ceased. The boss told the crew, then I went out and walked the shop to give instructions on sale/disposal of everything in a 10,000 sq foot facility with the guys. That about broke my heart. They are the people that helped us make amazing things happen in our little weird metal world. Purple gold, palladium as a new legit jewelry material to replace white gold. Helped shape worldwide standards for white gold. Raised the bar for platinum work.

Since Charles added the ability to add pics and make Pages I have had the chance to share some of the place with LGF. Gave you an insiders look at how jewelry and it’s metals are made. No more from there unless I go do a retrospective session.

On the upside I had job offers fast and opportunities to launch something I can’t get into quite yet. I’m not done yet and already lined up a photo shoot at a shop I have never even seen before that has vintage gear and cache. Wish me good hunting. Change brings peril and opportunity.