The Bob Cesca Podcast: Sanctimonious Dingwad

goddamnedfrank5/10/2019 11:51:02 pm PDT

re: #185 teleskiguy

I still need to buy an all-in-one dongle. Right now I can’t even plug my iPhone Xr into my new computer. Now I know what everyone was talking about when Apple deep sixed the port holes, save for Lightning. I know they want to make these things as sleek as possible, but c’mon! I’ll sacrifice a little thickness for a goddamn USB port.

I’ll be looking around at Target later today, for that, and a suitable carrying case.

I’m more annoyed by them ditching the 3.5 mm audio port on the iPhone and trying to force everyone to use AirPods. It’s one of two reasons I still use a flip phone and an iPod Touch. The other reason is that I’m cheap af and don’t want to pay for smart phone data plan when wifi is so plentiful and I can buy a $100 per year pay as you go T-Mobile phone plan.