How Do You Say 'Liar' in German?

vitoc4/25/2009 3:56:04 pm PDT

re: #188 Sharmuta

Dunno about a son of a SA leader… Where did you get that from? And you cannot chose your father anyway… Look at this wonderful woman for example:

Schramm made a conscious decision to distance herself from her father as much as humanly possible, Alessandra Mussolini did not. I’d like to hear more about this son you are talking about.

Anyway, Beisicht most definitely was involved with founding the DLVH, yes. One has to understand here that both Rouhs and Beisicht have been very important players in the German extreme Right for many, many years. These are by no means nobodys, or merely a local phenomenon in Cologne. They are very prominent in the German extreme right.

It is typical for such people to be involved with several different parties and groups over the years, as a result of the massive amount of infighting in the German extreme right. That they are now in yet another club doesn’t mean they changed - they always used to change horses regularly, as did and do their fellow extremists.