Huckabee Rips CPAC

Bagua2/22/2010 11:30:39 am PST

re: #172 Walter L. Newton

Wouldn’t vote. I’ve gotten away from my more focused political opinions here on LGF so I could concentrate on the AGW situation, but, if you had seen any of my political posts a year of more past, I have had a real problem with the whole mess that is called Washington.

Pay close attention, but DC is full of Kleptocrats, Plutocrats and Autocrats. That’s it. There is barely a politician in DC who doesn’t fall under on of those categories.

And the states are the breeding grounds for those classes of politicians. You don’t get to stay in DC for more than a term if you wind up not being able to fit into one of those categories.

The system is broke, for sure, not metaphorically, not hyperbole. There is a two class system… and they only way to stop what has happened is to vote the whole bunch of them out.

Everyone, left, right whatever, needs to put aside deep political differences and send some sort of message to the bunch of them that this has to stop.

It’s either that, or the crazies will be run rampant, you’re seeing some of that happening now.

Fascinating and familiar. I’ve only voted once in my life for much the same reasons.