Right Wing Stalker Chuck C. Johnson Attacks Mayor De Blasio's Family

b_sharp12/28/2014 4:25:19 pm PST

So it looks like Vā€™s infection has taken precedence over her inability to eat. They opened up the incision, cleaned it out and then stuffed a ribbon of gauze about 4ā€™ long and 1/2ā€ wide into the hole. Every day now we have to take her to an outpatient clinic to have the dressing removed, the incision cleaned out and repacked.

They have her on clindamycin even though it is rough on her now tiny stomach and her stage 3 kidney disease.

I guess we have to deal with each problem in order of severity.

On the good side, we figured out what order and how far apart to give her food, gravol and pain killer to avoid the severe stomach pain clindamycin was giving her earlier in the week.