FBI Investigates 'Suspicious Incident' in Virginia

cliffster3/24/2010 1:13:09 pm PDT

re: #183 Obdicut

Howver, Boehner has also embraced the Tea Party activists wholeheartedly on a number of occasions.

And to come out after every incident that the left latches onto and spins into a tornado, is basically buying into the narrative that liberals sell about the Tea Party. I know that a lot of people want Republican leadership and say, “Hey, the Tea Party is made up of a bunch of crazy-ass idiots that want to blow stuff up, and - well, stop”. But that would not make good sense. They’d rather focus on the vast majority of TP folks who want low spending and low taxes. And the fact that rogue TP folks dominates so much of what comes out of the left instead of actual issues - well the GOP thinks that speaks for itself.