Dave Weigel Resigns from Washington Post

karmic_inquisitor6/25/2010 12:02:41 pm PDT

re: #162 Charles

You know that I don’t deny that the right is seriously f’d up and that Pat Buchanan is broadly embraced. I am not trying to imply otherwise.

The context of this thread 9as i see it) is about people shaping news. MSNBC is happy to have Buchanan as representing the mainstream right. And perhaps his views are now the mainstream right - I don’t know because I no longer am in the GOP and the political circles I was once in.

A quick trip to Pat’s site ( under “news” has the whole thing laid bare - “authoritative” links to prison planet and other such fine organizations along with “stories” about the controlled demolitions of the WTC and McCain betraying his fellow prisoners of war.

Buchanan is an ass hat with a considerable following in the GOP among many who would describe themselves as mainstream yet probably aren’t truthers. Point is that these news organizations have an effect when they present a half cocked imbecile as representing a broad set of opinion. The effect is on both the those who oppose that view as well as re-shaping the views of those who support it. All regrettable.