Seth Meyers on Trump's Reckless, Flailing Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak [VIDEO]

(((Archangel1)))2/28/2020 1:56:49 pm PST

While the Iranian regime is insisting that the death toll from the Coronavirus stands at just 34, reports are starting to come in that it’s actually MUCH higher:

Coronavirus: Iran’s deaths at least 210

At least 210 people in Iran have died as a result of the new Coronavirus disease, sources in the country’s health system have told BBC Persian.

Most of the victims are from the capital, Tehran, and the city of Qom, where cases of Covid-19 first emerged.

The figure is six times higher than the official death toll of 34 given by the health ministry earlier on Friday.

Ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour insisted it was being transparent and accused the BBC of spreading lies.

It comes after a member of parliament for Qom accused the authorities of a cover-up and the US expressed concern that they may not be sharing information.

Based on some assessments I’ve heard earlier today in this corner of the planet, even this figure might turn out to be smaller than the truth.