How Do You Say 'Liar' in German?

zuckerlilly4/25/2009 4:25:33 pm PDT

re: #188 Sharmuta

Beisicht also founded DLVH? Along with the son of an SA leader?

Beisicht and Rouhs separated from the “Republikaner” (a party created by the late SS-officer Franz Schoenhuber) to the DLVH. Both were involved from the very beginning of the creation of the party. Later they created the membership corporation “pro Koeln” and canceled the party status of DLVH.

Beisicht and Rouhs are old comrades. Rouhs’ neo-Nazi publishing house is established in an apartment of Beisicht’s father in law who is also the lawyer of “pro Koeln”.

Rouhs is also a holocaust denier. In 1984 he wrote a letter to the editor of a neo-Nazi magazine (“Die Bauernschaft”) where he stated “that it is untrue that 6 million Jews were murdered or killed in the 3. Reich and that Germany wasn’t responsible for the WWII”. He later went to court with the argument that he wasn’t the author of the letter but was rejected.


Sharmuta, do you remember the “innocent” Celtic cross discussion?

Here is a youtube video of a “Spiegel TV”-documentation of a German neo-Nazi terror group called Combat18. Go to 2:17 and be amazed ;-)