Dr. Ben Carson Thinks the Earth Was Created 6000 Years Ago

kirkspencer4/01/2013 7:45:44 am PDT

It’s not just low end. There are interesting weaknesses in the middle and upper middle.

A really quick (for me) example is medical.

Turns out that automation is really going to be cutting into the doctors’ fields. There are automated interviews - those terrible questionaires are just the start. Picture a system that has you run through the questions, then expands for more questions on the possibilities. Semi-automated systems that do the vitals (temp, bp, weight) while you sit in a chair. There’s this interesting diagnostic system that’s been developed that uses (simplifying) a drop of blood, a speck of gold, a drop of a DNA solution, a light, and a spectrometer. The DNA solution is a morass of viruses and bacteria, and the ones that match and cancel in the drop of blood change the spectrum. Initial tests are that 500 diseases can be checked at a time. Automated. “Stick your finger in the box and keep it in till the light turns green. There will be a brief jab, possibly followed by up to two more, as the system checks for what disease you have.”

there’s more there but I said I’d try to be short.