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Old Liberal7/02/2018 4:44:23 pm PDT

re: #128 Belafon

I got the bill from the emergency room about my foot. I paid $130 the night I went, and have been paying $100 here and there for the orthopedist to do an exam and a wrap. The emergency room bill comes out to the following:

Having a physical tell me I need an x-ray, and that after it’s broke I need a splint: 713.42
Having a splint put on: 398.34

Minus a contractual adjustment of 166.76, I owe $945.

My company has switched to high-deductable plans, so this break is going to cost me around $2500.

I feel your pain The physical, not the financial. June 1, I viciously rolled my ankle on a hill. I live alone in the woods. I have a manual transmission on my car. I could either call 911 for an ambulance and face thousands in bills ($3500 deductible) or crawl to my house and use RICE and hope to dog I could tough it out. I elected to save the money. Might have a hairline fracture, but I can’t pay thousands to find out. What a country we live in.