Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must 'Recant'

nyc redneck2/04/2009 10:31:18 am PST

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OT: Looks like Obama is learning that Bush was actually a diplomat, and that Obama’s new “diplomacy” is simply pissing off our non-Muslim friends as we try to curry favor with the Jihad.

India Warns Obama Over Kashmir

Obama is way out of his depth.

Add this to the fact that he and Michelle ditched the White House to “get away” yesterday and it is clear that The Presidency is above his pay grade.

he has no real experience.
everywhere he went, the road was paved for him w/ entitlements, affirmative action, puppet masters creating easy access to office, jobs for his wife, a lovely home.
and the lethal blow from the msms to NEVER insist he rise to the occasion on anything.
he never had to flex a muscle, back up a thought or confront a problem.

this is the inept person in charge of our country.
of course he flees the white house to commiserate w/ 7yr. olds., where he feels comfortable, when adults are looking to him to answers.