Haifa Court Rules Against Rachel Corrie

Destro8/29/2012 11:54:43 am PDT

re: #194 Buck

AND most importantly, you hang your hat on “Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak acknowledged that Iran neither has nuclear weapons nor is trying to make them.”

YET no where in your PBS link does Ehud Barak actually say ANYTHING like that. In fact he does exactly the opposite. Clearly saying that Iran is trying to do enough work to try and make nuclear weapons before the world can realize it. Hoping to get past the line (into “the zone of immunity, beyond which Israel might not be technically capable of launching a surgical operation”).

So please stop putting words into Ehud Baraks mouth.

Here you go PBS link had the exact same transcript from CNN:

BLITZER: What — what does that mean, that the ayatollah has not given the order to build a nuclear bomb?

BARAK: It’s something technical. He did not tell his people start and build it — a weapon on — an explodable device. We think that we understand why he — the — he does not give this order.