Brilliant: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Trump With a Five-Minute Corruption Game [VIDEO]

Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance2/11/2019 3:13:02 pm PST

re: #182 Patricia Kayden

Think about it like this. You spend years living inside a certain bubble, you miss all this stuff because you are in the bubble. One day something bursts the bubble, at least for you, and suddenly you are outside looking in. Boom, you see what’s been clear to everyone else outside the bubble for a long time.

Granted she is and probably always will be economically conservative. But she is now seeing who else was in the so called tent and realizing how god awful they really are.

I grew up in a small town, all white. I was friends with a lot of people who turned out to be pretty goddamn awful but it took me getting out of the state and all the way across the country to see that. It also took that experience to undue years of learned prejudice and ignorance.