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lawhawk7/11/2019 9:03:48 am PDT

re: #195 Mattand

I was reading the other day about AOC complaining on how Pelosi keeps shitting on her and the other Dem women Reps who were elected last year. It occurred to me that AOC is really holding back, because if she wanted to, she could make Pelosi’s life a living hell without even trying.

I don’t envy the various corners Pelosi is backed into, but I sometimes wonder if she’s playing it too conservative, as it were.

AOC is making Pelosi look like a right winger. That’s either by accident or design, but it undercuts the GOP claims that Pelosi is a far left socialist.

But Overton window stuff aside, Pelosi is not taking the fight to Trump and holding all of his criminally corrupt people accountable, including all those who are ignoring the subpoenas and contempt. Start throwing people in jail for contempt of Congress. That’s what Trump understands and fears. He is a bully, and the way to stop a bully is to hit’em on the nose. He fears strong women and those who stand up to his BS. He backs down when you show strength.